Ukrainian Orthodox Church,
Kyiv Patriarchate
St. Nicholas Church, Rivne Diocese
12, Akademichna St., Ostroh, Rivne region, Ukraine, 35800


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ!


We address you with a hope for support in our longing for the renovation of Saint Nicholas Church dating back to the 16th century, as we believe that with its glorious historical and orthodox past, the town of Ostroh deserves a temple where prayers are said in Ukrainian.

To honor the church of the age of Princes Ostrozkyi (“…because it was a very old, beautiful and rich church”) Ostroh dwellers built a stone chapel, where in tightness, often in the open air, people pray to God, hoping for His protection and mercy.
Owing to our community’s efforts and town mayor’s help, considerable preparations have been made: the sate act for permanent usage of the land plot has been issued, archeological excavations have been carried out and the project estimation along with the expertise have been accomplished, affirmed and approved in accordance with current legislation.
We also received construction permit from State Inspectorate of Architectural and Construction Control in Rivne region.
At the moment, the construction works on substructure and ground floor of the total amount of UAH 280,000 have already been carried out.

According to the summary estimate, the cost of the renovation works amounts to UAH 2,902,625.
For the successful fulfillment of the goals of further construction set by our religious community, a considerable sum of money is required. As a community of believers of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church under Kyiv Patriarchate, we ask for your charity contribution which can be transferred to the following bank account:

                                                     JPMorgan Chase Bank, New York
                                                      ACCOUNT 001-1-194057

:BENEFICIARY’S BANR:    /001-1-194057
                                                     SWIFT: СOSBUAUKRIV
                                                     Joint Stock Company “State Savings
                                                     Bank of Ukraine” (JSC Oschadbank)
                                                     12-g Hospitalna Str., Kyiv, Ukraine
                                                      BIC – СOSBUAUKRIV

:BENEFICIARY:      ACCOUNT № 26005301438129
                                                              ВАЛ. 840
                                         Religious Community of St. Nicolas Church,
                                         Rivne Diocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church
                                         (Kyiv Patriarchate), Ostrog
                                         RIVNE REGIONAL DEPARTMENT
                                         OSTROG BRANCH 
Our hope is that with God’s blessing, your understanding and support we will pray the Almighty in the new spacious cathedral in Ukrainian, and your countenance and financial aid will return to you with a hundredfold.

With great respect and hope, 
Religious community of St. Nicholas Church

Розклад богослужінь

10 червня 2023 р. - Субота.
17.00. Вечірня.

11 червня 2023 р. - Неділя.
1-ша неділя після П'ятдесятниці. Глас 8. Всіх святих.
9.00. Літургія. Молебень. Панахида.






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